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Patty Gower On Weed

Patty Gower On Weed

Did you see the two part documentary that caught the attention of New Zealand? News presenter Paddy Gower digs deep into all aspects of weed and CBD.

Much of NZ (including myself) believed Paddy was a knob. Probably because he was the main political correspondent in NZ but mostly because he was just bloody annoying. In fact, I once called him a “Shit John Campbell”. Not his fault, JC is a legend of New Zealand broadcasting while Paddy was just hanging out badgering John Key. Perhaps with the benefit of hindsight he was onto something. 

But man, did this change my judgmental mind. Paddy came across as a real human and showed a side of himself that most would struggle with one on one let alone on TV. So with that in mind have a watch and see what you think.

NZ has a (potentially) life changing vote coming up soon and having all the information is crucial on votes like these. 

Part One
Paddy goes to California to glimpse into New Zealand’s future and explore both sides of the medical marijuana debate, investigating the current situation from a legal point of view. The main reason was from his experience with his mothers suffering with terminal cancer and the pain he wished he knew he could have helped with should he have known about the options if they were legal.

Part Two
Paddy Gower breaks free from his news reporter badges for an impartial investigation into the world of medical and recreational marijuana, and what this untapped billion-dollar industry could mean for New Zealand.

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