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Can CBD Help With Seizures

Can CBD Help With Seizures

Can CBD Help With Seizures?

Many years ago, a young seven-year-old girl in the USA by the name of Charlotte Figi was born with a condition known as Driver’s syndrome. The condition caused young Charlotte to suffer from massive seizures. Her parents took Charlotte to the best doctors and medical experts, yet none of the medications or treatments eased the condition. Charlotte suffered every day and for her parents, it was a heartbreaking endeavor.

Charlotte’s parents were willing to do just about anything to help their daughter who suffered more than 300 grand mal seizures per week. It was at that time that CBD became known to the family. After learning as much information as available to them, in 2013 the parents opted to give it a chance. They took a chance that changed their daughter’s life forever.

The Figi family moved across the country to Colorado, one of few states in the U.S. that offered medicinal CBD at the time. In the family’s home state, the lifesaving CBD would’ve been unavailable to Charlotte. The CBD oil, now named Charlotte’s Web after this miraculous young lady, reduced the number of seizures to one per day almost immediately after the first few uses. It was a miracle, to say the least.

Charlotte appeared in the 2013 documentary ‘Weeds’ which attracted the attention of researchers, scientists and medical experts around the world. It was at that time that people began to realize CBD could be the natural supplement and treatment the world needs.

Charlotte is one of the hundreds of children who’ve enjoyed a significant improvement in epilepsy/seizure disorders with the help of CBD. She helped shape the future of medicinal CBD/cannabis for the world. While Charlotte’s life was short-lived, her memory and the appreciation for shaping the future of CBD will never be forgotten.

Yes, CBD Treats Epilepsy & Seizures

It’s true that CBD research has been limited due to access to cannabinoids, funding, and legality, enough evidence supports the fact that CBD certainly impacts epilepsy for many patients as young as two years old. In fact, two CBD prescription treatments for seizure disorder are available in the USA, both having received FDA-approval.

Do not mistake the word “treat” with the word “cure.” As of the current date, no cure for epilepsy disorder exists. In fact, epilepsy is oftentimes the result of an underlying health or medical condition or problem. However, epilepsy patients who add a CBD regimen to their treatment enjoy significant improvements in the condition and their overall well-being.

Discuss CBD with your doctor and never discontinue the use of any prescribed medications, whether used for epilepsy treatment or other conditions. Doing so could be extremely dangerous, even life-threatening. Find a doctor who supports CBD research and use, since this professional likely have relevant, beneficial information designed for your specific needs.

Understanding CBD

Derived from the hemp plant, CBD contains low THC concentrations and high CBD concentrations that prevent psychoactive effects such as those experienced from THC consumption. CBD research indicates the plants’ benefits for a variety of health concerns and conditions, including insomnia, anxiety, glaucoma, and a variety of neurological conditions, including epilepsy.

CBD isn’t perfect. Every patient will not share the same results and some people may experience side effects. Fatigue, dry mouth, sleepiness, and diarrhea are the most common side effects associated with CBD usage. These side effects are minimal and usually not bothersome enough to discontinue CBD use. Once you talk to a doctor concerning CBD for seizure treatment, he’ll help determine the correct dosage for your particular needs, reducing risks of symptoms and side effects.

Keep in mind most users benefit when using CBD as a part of their seizures/epilepsy disorder treatment.

How Does CBD Improve Seizures?

According to Dr. Orrin Devinsky, professor of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry at the NYU Grossman School of Medicine, cannabinoids such as CBD block GPR55 receptors in the brain. Seizures occur due to the stimulation of these receptors, causing them to lose inhibition. When a person suffers from a seizure, it increases the receptors on the nerve cells, causing an influx of seizures. With CBD blocking the receptors, seizures are few and far between. CBD is extremely beneficial to those suffering from seizures or epilepsy disorder since it blocks these receptors. Various research studies prove significant benefits for nearly every seizure patient that treats their condition with CBD.

Other ways that CBD improves seizures and epilepsy:

– Increases endocannabinoid levels by removing degradation.
– Reduces neuron excitability by modulating ion flow
– Suppresses glutamate activity
– Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, in turn reducing neuroinflammation, which can make seizures worse

CBD works naturally with the endocannabinoid system, offering fast, effective relief of seizures. Users suffering from seizures significantly reduce the number of seizures they suffer when CBD is a part of their treatment regimen.

The Verdict

Patients suffering through the agony of seizures and epilepsy disorder can find the relief they need after introducing CBD into their treatment regimen. Do not discontinue the use of current treatments but do not hesitate to talk to your doctor to learn more about CBD and how it can improve your condition for the better. Thousands of people suffering from epilepsy have benefited with the addition of CBD and so can you.

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Charlotte, the hero of this story recently passed away. Our thoughts are with her family at this time.