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Can CBD Help With Acne?

Can CBD Help With Acne?

Can CBD Help With Acne?

As worldwide CBD research continues, Scientists frequently discover new ways the cannabinoid benefits our health. It’s no secret that CBD quickly alleviates symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, stress, and many other health conditions. In fact, it was the wonderful way CBD stopped seizures in children that brought light to its effectiveness. But, what you may not know is that CBD also treats acne, the most common skin condition in the world.

Most Common Skin Condition

If acne has never ruined plans at least once, consider yourself lucky. Most people experience acne at some point in their lives, whether an occasional breakout or a daily battle against the zits and breakouts. Some experience severe acne that impacts their confidence and overall well-being.

It is often called the ‘teen disease’ since people 12- 19 experience the breakouts more often than people in other age brackets. However, adults may also experience acne breakouts, particularly in the late 20s and 30s.

Treating acne is usually difficult and time-consuming for most bothered by the skin condition. Many OTC acne treatments promise fast results, yet often fall short of providing relief. Some products do not work while others cause further skin irritation. Doctor-prescribed medications are expensive and sometimes devastating to already damaged skin.

A Better Acne Solution

CBD, on the other hand, offers a natural treatment solution that works fast without irritating the skin. Several research studies suggest that CBD treats acne, even when other treatments fail. More research is needed, but evidence shows promising results.

Within a few uses with CBD, acne sufferers notice fewer pimples and breakouts. With continued use, acne disappears altogether.

CBD is gentle on the skin, unlike some of the harsh treatments sold over-the-counter or prescribed by a physician. These products often contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide or sulphur, all three of which can irritate the skin. Ridding the skin of acne with these products can take weeks, further enticing the need for a better treatment.

CBD is thought to benefit acne by adjusting the way our body creates sebum. Studies find that CBD prevents the skin from producing too much human sebocyte, which produces sebum.

Sebum is a waxy oil produced by the skin. Overproduction of sebum causes clogged pores. Clogged pores trap dirt, eventually leading to a breakout when the sebum cannot escape through the pores.

CBD also contains anti-inflammatory properties that prevent cytokines from activating. Cytokines are known to trigger acne. Together, these qualities create a powerful acne treatment suitable for almost anyone bothered by pimples, zits, whiteheads and blackheads.

Furthermore, CBD may prevent dirt and bacteria from clogging the skin and pores thanks to its antifungal properties. It is clogged pores that causes acne to develop. If there’s no dirt or bacteria to clog the pores, then there’s no worry of an acne breakout!

CBD isn’t perfect.

Research on humans is still needed to confirm what initial studies suggest. Everyone who uses CBD may benefit, as our unique body chemistry impacts the way we tolerate substances. Many people suffering from acne must also make lifestyle changes to prevent further breakouts.

However, the research that is now available is promising and the thousands of people who turn to CBD products for acne treatment cannot be wrong. CBD is a powerful acne treatment!

Whether you’re searching for an alternative to the acne treatments currently on the market or seek a treatment that actually works because you’ve had it to your wit’s end, give CBD a try. You’ll notice significant results in no time, finally putting acne and its embarrassment behind you.

Which CBD Product is Best to Treat Acne?

Users can take their pick from several forms of CBD to treat acne. Of course, some offer better results than others so using these products is probably the best idea if you want fast results.

Evidence suggests that topical solutions work best as an acne treatment. Applied directly to the skin, CBD topicals do not cause dry skin, breakouts, or irritation as some of the products designed for acne treatment.

Known as a tincture, a topical CBD product contains a carrier oil such as olive oil or coconut oil so it doesn’t irritate the skin. Applied directly to the skin, the tincture offers effective, fast results that minimize the appearance of acne almost immediately.

Read the label before purchasing a tincture. Ensure the product contains safe ingredients that aren’t irritating to the skin. Or, opt for a CBD supplement instead. Supplements are easy-to-use even when on the go.

CBD edibles like gummies are also available. People use gummies and other edibles when they want a fun CBD product. Gummies, suckers, and other edibles are easy to carry wherever you go and easy to enjoy whenever you want a snack -and relief. Don’t expect results as fast when using edibles for acne treatment, although any product that contains CBD will improve the condition!

CBD Treats Acne

CBD is an effective acne treatment that’s helped thousands of people rid pimples, zits, whiteheads, and blackheads from their faces and other areas of the body. It works fast, without irritating the skin or causing other concerns. It’s a much cheaper treatment than doctor-prescribed medications and works better than most of the OTC products available.

That’s certainly what the studies are starting to show at Harvard Medical

And it is echoed here by Candid Magazine

If acne is a part of your life, it’s time to give CBD a try and say farewell to the skin condition once and for all!

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