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Can CBD Help With Seizures
What Is CBD Used For

Can CBD Help With Seizures

Can CBD Help With Seizures? Many years ago, a young seven-year-old girl in the USA by the name of Charlotte Figi was born with a condition known as Driver’s syndrome. The condition caused young Charlotte to suffer from massive seizures. Her parents took Charlotte to the best doctors and medical experts, yet none of the medications or treatments eased the condition. Charlotte suffered every day

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This site has been created to help educate New Zealanders on the benefits of using CBD based products. 

Can CBD help PTSD sufferers

Can CBD Help PTSD Sufferers

Can CBD Help PTSD Sufferers? CBD research continues as its benefits to human health become more apparent. We now understand CBD, the plant, and the

Can CBD help with Chron's Disease

Does CBD Treat Crohn’s Disease?

So, Does CBD Treat Crohn’s Disease? If you’re hopeful that CBD will cure Crohn’s disease, we’re sorry to say that nothing has such power in


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Can CBD help with insomnia

Can CBD Help With Insomnia?

Can CBD Help With Insomnia? Sleep is essential for good health, yet millions of people suffer from insomnia, a debilitating condition causing the inability to

Patty Gower On Weed

Patty Gower On Weed

Did you see the two part documentary that caught the attention of New Zealand? News presenter Paddy Gower digs deep into all aspects of weed

Can CBD Help With Acne?

Can CBD Help With Acne?

Can CBD Help With Acne? As worldwide CBD research continues, Scientists frequently discover new ways the cannabinoid benefits our health. It’s no secret that CBD

What is CBD used for NZ

What Is CBD Used For

What is CBD Used For? CBD, or cannabinoid, is a compound found in the hemp plant, one of several variations of the cannabis plant. Used

Is CBD Good For Anxiety

Is CBD Good For Anxiety?

Is CBD Good for Anxiety? Anxiety affects almost everyone, but for some people, the worries of everyday life can become overwhelming enough and create an

Can CBD cause anxiety attacks

Can CBD cause anxiety attacks

Can CBD Cause Anxiety? The CBD industry is growing at unprecedented rates. As a result questions like “Can CBD cause anxiety attacks”? It seems the

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